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Fixed Term Equivalence Training (FTET)


Individuals wishing to complete equivalent experience or training for the purpose of recommendation for inclusion on the Register of Medical Specialists (RMS) will be considered.


Individuals considered eligible for FTET posts:


1. Have been referred to CAI for a level 5 assessment by The Irish Medical Council.

2. Have had competence deficits identified by CAI to the IMC

3. Have been informed by the IMC that on CAI advice they should not included on the Specialist Register at this time, and have been informed by the IMC of the training and competency deficits that must be addressed before the application for specialist registration can be reconsidered

4. Have completed the Fellowship examination of the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland, or other appropriate test of knowledge as determined by the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland.


Applications from individuals to the Medical Council for inclusion on the RMS which have been referred to the Credentials Committee and had deficits in clinical or professional competencies identified in the previous 12 months will be considered and given priority.


Access to these posts will be at the discretion of the CAI. The posts will arise where a vacancy occurs on the SAT Year 3 - 6 Training programme or where the applicant can avail of a supernumerary position of equivalent status, as determined by the CAI. The applicant must be allocated by CAI to any such post and approval will not be given for self-arranged posts either in advance or retrospectively. Where there are greater numbers of applicants seeking posts or specific training modules than are currently available, access to posts will be by competitive interview.


The duration of Training will be a minimum of 3 months, and maximum 18 months, and the ability of the placement or placements to address the deficits must be confirmed by the Postgraduate Dean, the National Anaesthesia Training Committee, and the clinical site. An individual targeted training plan must be agreed, and the clinical site must confirm that it has the capacity to deliver the competency training without detriment to the requirements of existing trainees on the SpR programme.


On satisfactory completion of the placement(s) a certificate of satisfactory completion of competencies will be filed and recommendation made to the IMC for inclusion in the specialist register. Doctors gaining specialist registration through Fixed Term Equivalent Training Posts will not be eligible to receive a Certificate of Specialist Training (CST) from the CAI.


For further details please consult the Irish Medical Council's level five assessment process.