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The first two days of the four day Mentoring Development Programme 2018 started last week on the 24th and 25th of January. This is the first time this programme has been held in Ireland. The programme was fully attended with a mix of both consultant and trainees, who are now on their way to being trained Mentors. It was staffed by Ms Julia Porkora founding member of Coaching and Mentoring Consultant, Dr June Smailes associate of Coaching and Mentoring Consultant and Dr Nancy Redfern AAGBI Mentoring Lead. The first two days of the course were a great success and everyone is looking forward to the completion on the 20th of Feb and 23rd of March. If anyone is interesting in being mentored or meeting a trained mentor for further information on mentoring please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Some inspiring quotes from Trainess and Faculty from the first two days of the course.


“I have been very impressed after the first two days of the mentoring course. To be honest I wasn’t sure what was involved in the process until I started but I have found it incredibly helpful both to myself and as a way of approaching issues that trainees may come to me with. I am looking forward to finishing the course and being able to utilise it effectively” Trainee


“It's truly a new skill set and to some extent, we have to "unlearn" much of what we know already!” Trainee



“As a tutor I feel this is a training and leadership skill set that is both important and useful. At this stage it strikes me that mentoring skills may help avoid an acute complex issue for a mentee, turning into an insurmountable chronic one.” Consultant



“I’m really looking forward to the second half of the programme and I feel energised and motivated by what I've done already.  We're used to problem solving; we're trained for it.  Mentoring has helped me to understand the importance of biting my tongue a bit and knowing that a person's best asset is themselves - when I've completed the course, I'll be able to help them see it that way too.” Trainee



“We were delighted to bring the Mentoring Development Programme to Ireland, and it was a pleasure to work with participants who were keen to develop their skills.” Faculty

“Conversations with participants highlighted the benefits that mentoring could bring to anaesthetists in Ireland, and we were heartened by participants' enthusiasm and commitment to make this happen.” Faculty


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