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Dr Mark Abrahams, Dr Liz Coyle, Dr Mark Halligan & Dr Rita Chaudry 


Dr Mark Owens, Dr Terry Kong, Dr Eamonn Coleman & Dr Aoife O'Loughlin  


Dr Nageswaran narayanan & Dr Tungeai Dervis 


Dr Eimhin Dunne, Dr Michael O'Sullivan, Dr Kirk Levins & Dr Joseph Keaveney


 Dr Miriam Langdon & Dr Peter Groom 




Dr Mark Ownes, Dr Patrick O'Connor, Dr Aisling Ni Eochagain, Dr Zeenat Nawoor & Dr Rita Chaudry (Co-ordinator)


 Mr Brian Turvey & Dr Cillian Suiter 


Dr Conan McCaul, Prof Ellen O'Sullivan (course co-ordinator), Dr Shaji Eduvayol Sankunny, Dr Tungeai Dervis, Dr Eimhin Dunne 



Dr Deirdre McCoy & Dr Aoife Quinn