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The Faculty of Pain Medicine was formally inaugurated at a ceremony in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland November 22nd 2008. It had existed in shadow form for the previous year. The Faculty is a natural progression from the Pain Medicine Board within the College chaired by Dr John Cooper which was set up in 1999. This Board had successfully established the Diploma in Pain Medicine as the first post graduate examination in Europe (2001-2012). The Board was appointed by the College as the Foundation Council of the new Faculty with Dr David Hill (Belfast) as Dean. The Council then proceeded to elect new officers Dr Camillus Power (Dublin) as Vice Dean, Dr Liam Conroy (Cork) as Hon Sec. and Dr Ray Victory (Dublin) as Hon Treasurer. Dr Power succeeded to the Deanship in October 2009.


The first Honorary Fellowship of the new Faculty was awarded to Dr John McAdoo (Cork University Hospital), President of the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland, in recognition of his role in the development of the new Faculty.


The remit of the Faculty is training, education and standards in Pain Medicine in Ireland. Currently admission to the Faculty Fellowship is by examination (Diploma in Pain Management) and following this, passing Part 2 of the fellowship examination. (Subject to review June 2015)


Training in Pain Medicine


Centres approved for Special Interest posts


Tallaght Hospital x 1 post Dr Philip Hu
Mater Hospital x 1 post Dr Conor Hearty
St James Hospital x 1 post Dr Connail McCrory
St Vincents University Hospital x 1 post Dr Hugh Gallagher



Fellowships Post CST


These centres are approved by the Faculty of Pain Medicine for the second year of training in Pain Medicine and qualification to sit the Fellowship exam in pain medicine


St James Hospital x 1 post Dr Connail McCrory
St Vincents University Hospital x 1 post Dr Hugh Gallagher
Mater Hospital x 1 post  Dr Conor Hearty