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MSc in Medical Professionalism



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MSc in Medical Profesionalism 2011 - 2012  Poster

MSc Programme Application Form


The MSc in Medical Professionalism has been developed as a master’s course to respond to an increasing demand for continuing professional education and development for healthcare professionals working in today’s complex health system.

2011 - 2012 Modules

    •    Legal Medicine & Risk Management
    •    Professionalism in Practice
    •    Strategic Health Management
    •    Clinical Research

Benefits for You

    •    A recognised postgraduate qualification.
    •    Exposure to management concepts, knowledge and skills, which are academically rigorous and have practical application in the workplace
    •    Support for your personal and professional development through co-operative and participatory approach to learning and opportunities to share your ideas and experiences with students from varying backgrounds.
    •    Access to highly qualified academic faculty.
    •    Access to a specifically designed e-learning student support system.

Educational objectives.

The educational objectives of the course are:

To enhance the continuing education and professional development of trainee and consultant anaesthetists, in particular relating to recent developments in medical education, research, applied basic medical sciences and management.

To enhance the quality of patient care by providing trainees in anaesthesia and consultant anaesthetists with specific knowledge and skills relating to the ethics and legal aspects of medical practice and appropriate risk management strategies.