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Examination Regulations 

The College of Anaesthetists of Ireland Examination Regulations governs the content and conduct of the examination leading to the award of Membership (MCAI) and Fellowship of the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland (FCAI). 


These regulations specify:

The set requirements before a candidate is eligible to apply for the examinations.

The procedure to be followed in order to apply for the examination.

The duration for which successfully passed examinations remain valid.

The provision for guidance in the event of failure and the appeals process.

The procedure for making representations and sanctions for infringements.




Information in this document is accurate at the date of publication, to the best of our knowledge. However Regulations are continually evolving and up-to-date information should be obtained in writing from the College.  



There is inevitably some repetition in this document as it is intended to be used as a reference.  If Regulations are unclear or seem contradictory, the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland will determine the correct interpretation.


Changes to CAI examination regulations from January 2015


FCAI Written Paper




AA pass in the Final FCAI written paper will now be valid for 3 years towards sitting the Clinical/SOE after this time the written paper must be retaken. There is a limit of 6 attempts at all College (MCAI, FCAI) examinations


A    Any attempts at Primary/Membership and Final examinations taken under previous Regulations will not count against attempts allowed under the 2015 regulations








From Spring 2017 the Final Fellowship (Written paper) exam will consist of the following



·40 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

·30 questions Single Best Answer (SBA)

·10 Short Answer Questions (SAQ)



Download this file (Examinations Regulations Dec 2015.pdf)Examinations Regulations Dec 2015.pdf[Exam Rules & Regulations December 2015]576 kB
Download this file (MCAI and  FCAI Examination Syllabus.pdf)Membership and Fellowship Examination Syllabus[ ]1008 kB