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The Annual Congress of Anaesthesia 2018

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CPD Approved 

Awaiting NMBI CPD Accreditation  


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Overview of  programme sessions:

The Perioperative Period and Cancer Recurrence


Prof William Gallagher (UCD) - Mechanisms of cancer metastasis

Prof Ronan Cahill (Mater University Hospital) - How surgery influences cancer metastasis

Dr Vijay Gottummukkala (MDAnderson CancerCentre, Houston) - How current cancer therapies might reduce metastasis

Prof Donal Buggy (Mater University Hospital-UCD) - How some anaesthetic-analgesic agents might influence recurrence & metastasis


Interpreting Medical Research for the Busy Clinician


Dr Colin Black (Gt Ormond St London) - Can I trust the source? Open versus closed access publications.

Dr Cecilia O’Kane (Queens University Belfast) - Interpreting laboratory research

Prof Paul Myles (Monash University, Melbourne) - Sifting through observational studies

Prof Alistair Nichol (Monash University, Melbourne) - Interpreting clinical trials 


Transplantation Anaesthesia


Dr Fiona Desmond (Melbourne) - Preserving harvested organs

Dr Cormac Redahan (Mater University Hospital) - Cardiac Transplantation

Dr Michael Griffin (Mater University Hospital) - Lung Transplantation

Dr Sinéad Galvin (Beaumont Hospital) - Kidney Transplantation

Dr David Cosgrave (St Vincent’s University Hospital) - Liver Transplantation


Impact of health economics in anaesthesia


Prof Charles Vincent (Imperial London)- Economics of health safety

Dr Fiona Kiernan (Beaumont) Health economics in anaesthesia & perioperative medicine

Prof Kevin Carson (Temple St) - Achieving sustainable healthcare in Ireland

Dr Jeremy Smith (HSE Lead) - Economics of current mode of care


Perioperative Organ Protection during Major Surgery in the High Risk Patient 


Prof Alex Zarbock (Muenster Germany) - Kidney protection

Dr Emmanuel Futier (France) - Perioperative Protective Lung Ventilation: the POP Concept

Dr Brian O’Brien (Cork) - Myocardial protection in noncardiac protection in noncardiac


Paediatric Anaesthesia


Dr Catherine Doherty (Manchester) - Tracheostomy safety

Dr Elena Fernandez (Gt Ormond St London) - Paediatric difficult airway

Dr Suzanne Cronly - (OLHSC Crumlin) - Mediastinal Masses and their 'Anaesthetic' Implications in Children


Key Note Speakers


Prof Paul Myles (Monash University Melbourne)

Patient Centred Outcome Measures In Perioperative Medicine


Prof Charles Vincent (London)

Safety: A Moving Target?


Dr Vijay Gottummukkala (Md Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston)

Oncoanaesthesia As A Sub-Specialty: Has Its Time Come?